Official Hole-In-One

Two Holes In One in the Same Round

Gregory P. Shaughnessy of Rockville Centre, NY

Gregory P. Shaughnessy, a guest of Ryan Byrne and playing with Joe Alduino, successfully holed out on the 5th and 10th holes at Rockville Links Golf Club on August 27th, 2016. He used a 7 iron on the 135 yard 5th (#52166) and a 9 iron on the 105 yard 10th (#52167). Shaughnessy did this despite limping due to a sliced foot and also dealing with a lower back injury.

Five Holes In One on the Same Hole

Mark Briggs of Perth, Australia

Between 1990 to 2015, Mark Briggs made 5 Holes In One on the 130 yard 7th hole of the Dunes course at Joondalup Country Club in Perth, Australia. He achieved these feats in 1990, 2001, 2004, 2005, and 2015.


From the year of 2012 to the most recent in 2023, Vito Iula has made 5 Holes In One on the 7th hole at Riverside Country Club located in Saskatoon, Canada. The years that he has hit the Holes In One are 2012, 2021, 2022, and the most recent 2 being in the year 2023.

Four Holes In One on the Same Hole

Scott Davis of Millbrook, AL

Between 2012 and 2017, Scott Davis recorded 4 Holes in One on the 11th hole at The Pines at Millbrook Golf Course in Millbrook, AL. (62021,62022,62024,62025).

Thomas Allen of Holland, MI

From 2011 to 2014, Thomas Allen made a Hole In One each year on the 5th hole at Diamond Springs Golf Course in Hamilton, MI. 3 were in the month of August and the 4th occured on July 31st.

Warwick Trantum of Sydney, Australia

Between 1997 and 2012, Warwick Trantum made 4 Holes in One on the 150 metre 2nd hole at Gordon Golf Club in Sydney, Australia. In addition to these 4 achievements that occurred in 1997, 2007, 2010, and 2012, there were also 2 near-misses that finished within 5cm of the cup on the exact same hole, and Mr. Trantum has recorded two other holes in one on two other courses. Posted March 27, 2015.


Between the years of 2011 and 2016, Eric Mansfield has made 4 different Holes in One, all on the 16th hole at Twin Creeks Country Club in Cedar Park Texas. What makes this unique, is that all 4 of these Holes in One were hit from each of the different tee boxes. The yardages for these Holes in One are, 235, 220, 198, and 172.

Four Holes In One in 30 Days

Nick L. Sica of New Castle, PA

1st 09/08/13 Sunnehanna CC, Hole 16, Yards 182, 6 Iron (#32494)
2nd 09/11/13 New Castle CC, Hole 7, Yards 110, Gap Wedge (#32495)
3rd 09/13/13 New Castle CC, Hole 13, Yards 125, Gap Wedge (#32496)
4th 10/03/13 New Castle CC, Hole 13, Yards 125, Gap Wedge (#32497)

Four Holes In One in 1 Year on 4 Different Courses

Brenda Williams of Minnetrista, MN

1st 08/21/16 Windsong Farm Golf Club, Hole 10, Yards 135, 6 Hybrid (#58261)
2nd 01/06/17 Cohchise, Desert Mountain, Hole 7, Yards 116, 8 Iron (#58260)
3rd 03/14/17 Outlaw, Desert Mountain, Hole 12, Yards 155, 5 Hybrid (#58259)
4th 07/24/17 Northland Country Club, Hole 17, Yards 149, 5 Hybrid (#58258)

Timothy Hultquist of Vero Beach, FL

1st 10/31/13 John’s Island Club-South Course, Hole 12, Yards 140, 8 Iron (#32968)
2nd 12/28/13 Red Stick Golf Club, Hole 13, Yards 168, 6 Iron (#33501)
3rd 10/03/14 Winged Foot GC-East, Hole 3, Yards 145, 7 Iron (#39088)
4th 10/21/14 Wee Burn Country Club, Hole 7, Yards 160, 6 Iron (#39412)

Two Holes In One on Same Day -Different Rounds

Chris Gilley of Costa Mesa, CA

Chris Gilley made 2 Holes In One on the same day during a SCPGA tournament on 6/10/2013. It was a 36-hole tournament and his holes in one occurred on the same hole.

Scoring Hole In One from Both Sides

Don Warren of Topinabee, MI

In 1982 at Ye Ole Country Club in Roscommon, MI – right handed. On August 13, 2013 Don made a hole in one left-handed. Don use to play right handed for 20+ years then switched for about 15 years ago.

Jeff McDaniel of Corona, CA

In 1995 at Claremont Golf Course Jeff recorded his first Hole In One as a left-hander. A couple years later he switched to right-handed and recorded his second career Hole In One in November of 2014 at Eagle Glen Golf Club.

Lori Boettler of Morago, CA

In 2003 at Moraga Country Club Lori recorded her first Hole In One as a right-hander (68629). Several years later she switched to left-handed and recorded her second career Hole In One in September of 2018 at Treetops Golf Course in Midland, MI (63630).

Spousal Grand Slam Hole In One

Paul and Jennifer Stuppi of San Mateo, CA

The couple carded a spousal career grand slam at Green Hills CC in Miilbae, CA

Jennifer Stuppi:

1st 12-6-91-Hole 13 140 yards, six iron
2nd 7-25-97 Hole 7, 127 yards 7 iron
3rd 3-24-07 Hole 15 , 132 yards 6 iron
4th 6-5-10 Hole 4, 135 yards 5 iron

Paul Stuppi:

1st 5-16-02 Hole 15, 155 yards 7 wood
2nd 4-22-07 Hole 13, 166 yards driver
3rd 8-1-13 Hole 7, 146 yards 4 hybrid
4th 4-22-14 Hole 4, 165 yards 3 wood

Family Hole In One – Same Hole

Michael, Celia, and Aaron Neff of Carthage, IL

On April 17, 1988 Michael Neff carded a Hole In One on the 2nd hole at Carthage Golf Club in Carthage, IL with a pitching wedge from 140 yards (#61379). 15 months later on July 17 1989, his wife, Celia Neff, also hit a Hole In One on the exact same hole with a 5 iron (#61377). Incredibly, 14 years later on August 27, 2003, the couple’s son, Aaron Neff, also hit a Hole In One on the 2nd hole with a pitching wedge (#61378).

Father / Daughter Hole In One – Same Hole

Bill Corcoran and Donna Summers of Laguna Beach, CA

On January 14, 2011, Bill Corcoran carded a Hole In One on the 17th hole at Sunrise Country Club in Rancho Mirage, CA with an 8 iron from 132 yards (#57810). Six years later on May 26, 2017, his daughter, Donna Summers, also hit a Hole In One on the exact same hole with a 7 iron from 134 yards (#56822).

Mother / Son Hole In One – Same Day

Ann Fromer and Tony Fromer of Palm Beach, FL

On November 21, 2010, Ann Fromer carded a Hole In One on the 4th hole at the Brian Silva course at Palm Beach Country Club with a 7-iron from 114 yards (#70797). Four holes later, her son Tony Fromer, who was playing alongside, also hit a Hole In One on the 8th hole with a 5-iron from 205 yards (#70965).

Junior Achievement (Under 18) – Two Holes In One in a 9 Hole Match

Samantha Staudt of Coatesville, PA

On September 23, 2014, Samantha Staudt recorded 2 Holes In One during at 9-hole match at Inniscrone Golf Club in Avondale, PA. The first came at the 72 yard 5th hole, and the second was at the 135 yard 8th hole. Samantha was 16 years old and had been playing golf for 6 years at the time of her achievement.

Four Holes in One Spanning 3 Generations, All on the Same Hole

Don young, brian young (2), carter young

Holes In One spanning three generations is certainly a feat…but when they all occurred on the same hole of the same course, that’s really something! It started on July 14, 1995 when Brian Young sank a 142 yard 9 iron on the 4th hole of Great Bend Petroleum Club. Eight days later, his father Don Young aced the 4th hole with a 138 yard 8 iron. Not to be outdone, Brian came back three months later for his second Hole In One on the 4th, this time with a 145 yard 7 iron. If the story stopped there, it would be impressive enough, but it doesn’t! 20 years later, Brian’s son Carter Young decided he wanted in on the family affair and aced Hole 4 with a 145 yard 8 iron (the only difference being the course changed it’s name to Stoneridge Golf Club). We eagerly await the fifth Hole In One from this grandfather-father-son triad.

Holes in One Spanning 4 Generations

Greg Driscoll, Mary Rose Heil, Jane Stuckenschneider, and Jill Stuckenschneider of Missouri

In 1951 Greg Driscoll carded a Hole In One on the 3rd hole at Triplele A Golf Club in St. Louis, MO (63746). 24 years later in 1975, his daughter, Mary Rose Heil hit the next one on the 16th hole at Greenbriar Hills CC in Kirkwood, MO (63747). Then, in 2006 her granddaughter, Jill Stuckenschneider got hers on the 8th hole at Blue Hills CC in Overland Park, KS (63749). Finally in 2016, Jill’s mother, Jane Stuckenschneider closed the loop with one on the 2nd hole at Phesant Run in O’Fallon, MO (63748). This is our only known record of a family with 4 generations of Holes in One.

Scoring 4-3-2-1 on Par 3s in a Single Round

Ed Steinway of Millbrae, CA

On July 2, 2000, Ed Steinway made 4, 3, 2, 1 on the 4 Par 3’s at Green Hills Country Club in Millbrae, CA. He made a bogey 4 on the 165-yard 4th hole, a par 3 on the 138-yard 7th, a birdie 2 on the 150-yard 13th, and hole in one 143-yard 15th. This was also Steinway’s first hole in one in 40 years of golfing. (#49116)