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What constitutes a valid hole in one?
The Rules of Golf do not address the issue of the validity of a hole in one. The USGA recommends that a hole in one be considered valid:

  • If made during a round of at least nine holes, except that a hole in one made during a match should be acceptable even if the match ends before the stipulated round is completed
  • If the player is playing one ball; a hole in one made in a practice round in which the player is playing two or more balls should not be acceptable
  • If attested by an acceptable witness
  • If made at a hole with a temporary tee and/or putting green in use, even if the Committee did not specifically define the teeing ground with tee-markers; the length of the hole at the time should be stated on any certificate
  • If made in a "scramble" competition, for example, a Captain's Choice

What is the chance that a golfer will make a hole in one?

  • Tour player making an ace: 3,000 to 1
  • Low-handicapper making an ace: 5,000 to 1
  • Average player making an ace: 12,000 to 1
  • Two players from the same foursome acing the same hole: 17 million to 1
  • One player making two holes-in-one in the same round: 67 million to 1

Other hole-in-one facts

  • There are approximately 450 million rounds of golf played each year in the U.S
  • On average each course has about 25,000 - 30,000 rounds played each year
  • Each course reports 10-15 hole in ones each year
  • A hole in one is scored once every 3,500 golf rounds
  • Only 1-2% of golfers score a hole in one during the year
  • Odds of making a hole in one is 1:3500
  • Average years of playing is 24
  • Average handicap of golfers making hole in one is 14
  • Age group that makes the most holes in one is 50-59 (25%) and the next highiest is 40-49 (24%)
  • Ball used most often is Titleist (45%), Nike (14%), and Top Flite (11%)

Facts just for women

  • 16% of holes in one are made by women
  • Average age is 55
  • Average years of playing is 15
  • Average hole length is 111 yards


Three Holes on One in 30 Days
Mike Carroll of Clifton Park, NY
1st.  6/29/13 –Mohawk Golf Club, Schenectady, NY Hole 15, 135 yards, 8 Iron
2nd  7/12/2013 Edison Golf Club, Rexford , NY Hole 11, 185 yards, 4 hybrid
3rd  7/26/2013 Mohawk Golf Club, Schenectady, NY Hole 15, 135 yards 8 iron

Four Holes In One in 30 Days
Nick L. Sica of New Castle Pa.
1st   9/8/13     Sunnehanna CC Hole 16, Yards 182, 6 Iron (#32494)
2nd  9/11/13   New Castle CC Hole 7, Yards 110, Gap Wedge (#32495)
3rd   9//13/13  New Castle CC Hole 13, Yards 125, Gap Wedge (#32496)
4th   10/3/13   New Castle CC Hole 13, Yards 125, Gap Wedge (#32497


Scoring Hole in One From Both Sides
Don Warren
In 1982 at Ye Ole Country Club in Roscommon, MI – right handed.
On August 13, 2013 Don made a hole in one left-handed.
Don use to play right handed for 20+ years then switched for about 15 years ago.

Two Holes in One on Same Day -Different Rounds
Chris Gilley
Made two holes in one on the same day during a SCPGA tournament on 6/10/2013. It was a 36 hole tournament and his hole in ones occurred on the same hole.


Spousal Grand Slam Hole in One

Paul and Jennifer Stuppi of San Mateo, CA carded a spousal career grand slam at Green Hills CC in Miilbae, CA

Jennifer Stuppi
1st 12-6-91-Hole 13 140 yards, six iron
2nd 7-25-97 Hole 7, 127 yards 7 iron
3rd 3-24-07 Hole 15 , 132 yards 6 iron
4th 6-5-10 Hole 4, 135 yards 5 iron

Paul Stuppi
1st 5-16-02 Hole 15, 155 yards 7 wood
2nd 4-22-07 Hole 13, 166 yards driver
3rd 8-1-13 Hole 7, 146 yards 4 hybrid
4th 4-22-14 Hole 4, 165 yards 3 wood